Support for Promoting Environmental Planning of Developing Countries

The Survey to collect basic environmental information in the developing countries

OECC has dispatched a research mission every year to collect environmental information in the developing countries where expansion of areas of environmental cooperation with Japan can be expected. Members of the mission are composed by OECC member companies/local government/organization. Targeted fields of the survey are nature, atmosphere, water, biodiversity, waste management, and environmental and social consideration. Members proceed their survey through preliminary studies, visiting and hearing from officers of environment-related ministries/international donors/NGOs, and environmental treatment facilities as well. This project put importance to convey environmental information from Japanese side also. The mission usually holds a one day seminar on environmental management at the capital city and members of the mission make presentations to propose solutions for environmental challenges of targeted country.

Month/Year Countries No. of participants
from member company
Sep/2016 Sri Lanka 11 participants from 9 member companies
Dec/2015 Cambodia 5 participants from 4 member companies
Nov/2014 Nepal 7 participants from 5 member companies
Sep/2013 Myanmar 9 participants from 9 member companies
1 participant from 1 local government


Testing water quality of shallow well in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2015


Visiting Kandy Municipal Council
– Sri Lanka in 2016