Strategic Development of OECC Activities

Towards a Sustainable Future

The Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC) is committed towards realization of a global sustainable society, by implementing research, studies, and capacity building in the field of environment and development cooperation in developing countries.

By enjoying cooperative relations with Japanese governmental bodies such as MOEJ and JICA; as well as international organizations such as ADB, GEF, UNU, UNFCCC etc., OECC has established a strong position as a group of professionals providing expert solutions to a variety of challenges, through various projects implemented in collaboration with our partner countries, for example, activities focused on intercity cooperation in Asia.

OECC will strategically develop its activities focusing on (a) Climate change and global environment, (b) Air and water quality, (c) Chemicals, Resource efficiency and waste.



2019/12/02 Event
'Thailand-Japan Environmental Solutions Week' will be jointly organized by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand in Bangkok, Thailand from 14th to 16th January, 2020. The event will be open to the public and interested persons and parties are encouraged to register their participation. Click here for details.
2019/11/28 News
COP25 Special Contents has opened. Members of OECC will organize and/or participate in 12 side events and 1 exhibition booth in COP25, Madrid, Spain, 2-13 December 2019.
2019/07/16 Event
The "2nd General Meeting of African Clean Cities Platform" will be held on 25-29 August 2019, Yokohama City, Japan
2019/02/21 News
OECC Secretary General Fujitsuka talked with the Minister of Environment and  Forestry of Kenya on improving the water quality of the river. (the website of Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Kenya)
2019/02/19 News
"Kenya-Japan Wastewater Technical Seminar" was held jointly with the Government of Kenya to promote overseas deployment of Jokaso and others. (the website of Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Kenya)