About OECC

Message from the President

竹本 和彦

We have started our operation in the first quarter of the year of 2021, while we face the difficult situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. OECC is not an exceptional entity to avoid difficulties in carrying out our projects developed in close collaboration with counterparts in the partner countries. However, we have managed to overcome these difficulties by mobilizing innovative ways accumulated in response to the movement of digital transformation (DX).

In these days, we have observed the dramatic changes in policy development on climate change in Japan and overseas. Last October, the Prime Minister Suga pledged “Carbon Neutrality by 2050” and required all the ministries to accelerate their actions toward realizing a de-carbonized society. The private sectors responded to the new policy and started taking their actions toward de-carbonization under the spirit, “Virtus cycle of environment and economic growth”, in a dynamic manner.

I am very pleased to welcome the decision made by the US President Biden to let the US come back to be a Party to the “Paris Agreement”, which has stimulated the international community to accelerate its climate actions around the world. In addition, the government of Japan formulated a revised the “Strategy on Overseas Extension of the Infrastructure System” by incorporating a new policy direction on “Carbon Neutrality by 2050” as one of the priority areas in last December.

In light of these recent trends of policy development, the Ministry of the Environment Japan (MOEJ) launched the “Japan Platform for Re-design: Sustainable Infrastructure” (JPRSI) last year to further extend the Japan’s technologies and knowhow on environmental infrastructures to our partner countries with a wide range participation of stakeholders such as private sectors, financial sectors and local governments. The JPRSI has grown with more than 320 participating members. The OECC contributes to the JPRSI as its secretariat.

OECC is committed to developing the projects to address: (i) global environmental issues such as climate change, (ii) local environmental issues such as water and air pollution and (iii) resource management on chemicals and wastes as well as circular economy by making full use of its professional network.

We would like to make every effort to realize a sustainable society as a leading player in the field of overseas environmental and development cooperation. I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to you for your continued support to our activities.

Kazuhiko (Kazu) Takemoto

President, OECC, Japan