About OECC

Outline of the OECC

Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan
Date of
March 29, 1990
OECC was founded by strong support of the Ministry of the Environment, (formerly Environment Agency), Japan.
The Objective of OECC is to promote global environment conservation. Recognizing unprecedented international interdependence, OECC will encourage environmental conservation through cooperative activities, researches, public relations, etc. on overseas environmental issues.
  • Conduct basic surveys & strategic studies concerning global environmental protection
  • Conduct research & develop technologies related to global environmental protection. Disseminate its results
  • Provide support & cooperation to the global environmental production activities conducted by governmental organization and others
  • Organize and participate in international gatherings concerning global environmental protection
  • Collect, disseminate and publish materials/information concerning global environmental protection
  • Cooperate and support projects related to global environmental protection undertaken by private organization
  • Facilitate the exchange of information/technologies among OECC Members
  • Cooperate and support activities related to global and domestic environmental protection
  • Facilitate the exchange of information/technologies among international & domestic bodies relevant to environment
  • Implement other projects to fulfill the objectives of OECC
OECC consists of the following categories of the members

  • Corporations engaged in consultancy or monitoring/analysis service on environment
  • Corporations engaged in constructing environmental protection facilities, manufacturing environmental monitoring equipments or other environment related business
  • Local governments and other non-profit organizations engaged in activities for protecting environment

A network and coalition of governments, industries and academic society have been materialized in OECC with participation of members from board sectors and academia as members of the Board. OECC welcomes participation of new members to make a leap of its activities forward further.

Organization Chart