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List of OECC Members

Activities of OECC Members Committee

The Committee for Project Development

The Committee for Project Development dispatches a mission to developing countries where cooperation and assistance are required in the area of environment and development. The committee seeks implementation of mutual technology exchange between members by, for example, collecting information about challenges related to multiple and multi-layered environmental and social problems of the targeted country.

The Committee for Capacity Development

The Committee for Capacity Development catches the global trend in the area of environment and development cooperation including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the “Paris Agreement” and hold open seminars regarding the global environment and development cooperation while seeking to collect and share the latest information on efforts made by governmental agencies and international organization.

The Committee for Communication

The Committee for Communication will make efforts to strategically provide information through “OECC Journal” and this Website and continue to promote exchanges among the members by holding exchange meetings for the members, while providing information and knowledge on the domestic and overseas environment and development cooperation widely to the general public and conducting public relations activities regarding the activities of the OECC.